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Virtual Conference Career Self-Care Sessions

I Feel Like A Fraud: Managing Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace
Erin Collier-Plummer, Youth Services Manager, Winter Park Library (FL)

How often do you catch yourself feeling like you are in ‘over your head’ at work? Imposter syndrome – the sense that you are inadequate for the task in front of you despite past proof of your ability – can wreak havoc on your career and keep you from taking on new challenges. It can also prevent you from sharing your unique talents and skills in ways that benefit you and your organization. Finally it can negatively affect the productivity and morale of your team. But imposter syndrome need not derail your career. Those feelings of being a "fraud" can be turned into a springboard to propel you forward in your career and in your life. Managing imposter syndrome requires being authentic with yourself and others, being willing to take calculated risks, and being able to ask for support from others.

So You Didn't Get the Job, Now What?
Sarah O'Shea, Head of Youth Services, Tompkins County Public Library, Ithaca, NY

Most of us have felt the the sting of a professional setback. But can the experience of not getting a job that we were hoping for actually be a positive professional experience? Yes, it can! In this presentation, we'll learn about the importance of taking the time for self-care after a rejection, learn how to ask for a follow-up meeting with the hiring committee or Board, learn how to refocus and gain additional experiences that will further strengthen your resume, as well as how to work on your weaknesses. Additionally, we'll learn tips on how to find a mentor or how to be a mentor, and how important that can be in this experience.

Sarah O'Shea is the Head of Youth Services at Tompkins County Public Library in Ithaca, NY. She has been a public librarian for over 21 years and has felt the joy of professional success as well as the sting of professional setbacks.

Originally presented as part of the PLA 2022 Virtual Conference on March 24, 2022.

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