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Preview the PLA 2022 Proposal Form

Speaker Information

  • Have you organized or presented a session at a past PLA Conference? If so, your information should already be in our system. Before you create a new record for yourself (the organizer) or any additional speaker(s), you can save time by searching for existing contact information from previous conferences. Please enter a Last Name, Email Address, or Organization Name in the text boxes below and click Search.
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  • Program Organizer Only (Submitting a proposal but not speaking or moderating)
  • Program Organizer & Speaker (Submitting a proposal and also speaking or moderating)

Contact information:

  • Required fields: First Name, Last Name, Title, Email, Phone, Organization Name, Address, City, Country, State, Zip

Do you work in a library? Yes/No

Are you a member of ALA or PLA? Yes/No

  • If No: Please indicate what, if any funding you require (subject to PLA approval)

Is this proposal being submitted on behalf of, or with the support of, a PLA committee or other ALA unit? Yes/No

What is your previous experience in presenting educational programs? Please select all that apply:

  • National or international conference: PLA, ALA, or similar
  • State conference
  • Regional or local library programs
  • Other in-person training
  • Virtual training: webinar, online course, or similar
  • None of the above

Please provide brief biographical information (75 words or less)

PLA seeks proposals and speakers representing a wide range of diversity, with a commitment to representation of groups that have been historically marginalized or excluded due to race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, economic background, and age. Are there any identities you hold that may contribute to fuller representation of diverse groups and points of view at this conference? (75 words or less)

If your proposal is selected for presentation at PLA 2022, would you be interested in receiving coaching or mentoring from an experienced presenter? Yes/No

If your proposal is not selected for presentation at PLA 2022, would you be interested in receiving feedback on your proposal? Yes/No

Session Information

Learning Format:

  • Full Day Preconference: 6 hours of content
  • Half Day Preconference: 3 hours of content
  • Panel Presentation: 1 hour of content
  • Case Study Presentation: 1 hour of content
  • Peer Sharing Discussion: 1 hour of content
  • Skill Building Workshop: 1 hour of content
  • Other/Willing to consider multiple learning formats

Title: In 10 words or fewer, please provide a title for your proposed session. The best session titles are clear, succinct, and describe exactly what will be covered in the session.

Description: In 75 words or fewer, please provide a concise description of your proposed session. If accepted, this will appear in the final program listing on the official Conference website, so make it lively, informative, and interesting (it may be edited for publication, if necessary). Speakers will be listed separately; they should not be listed in the session description. Additional information/explanation about your proposal can be entered in the Notes/Comments box at the bottom of this screen. Your proposal will be evaluated on the detail and clarity of its description.

Learning Outcomes: Please identify three (3) learning outcomes for your session. Learning outcomes should use active verbs, be measurable, and state what the participants should know or be able to do after attending your session. View a list of sample active verbs (PDF, 1 pg.) appropriate to different levels of intended learning.

Learning outcomes should not simply repeat topics that will be addressed or activities that will take place during the session. Phrase each learning outcome as a completion of this sentence: "At the end of this session, participants will be able to…" Your proposal will be evaluated on the clarity and specificity of its learning outcomes.

Knowledge Level of Audience: Please indicate the level of knowledge attendees should have on this topic in order to gain the most benefit from attending the session.

  • Foundational (for those with no previous knowledge of the topic)
  • Applied (for those with some previous knowledge of the topic)
  • Strategic (for those with extensive previous knowledge of the topic)

Primary Topic: Please select up to two primary topics that best describe the main focus of your session from the list provided. (These do not necessarily reflect the final list of topics that will be used at the conference.)

  • Administration/Management
  • Advocacy/Fundraising
  • Collections/Tech Services
  • Community Engagement/Partnerships
  • Leadership
  • Outreach/Marketing
  • Serving Adults
  • Serving Teens/Young Adults
  • Serving Youth
  • Spaces and Places
  • Staffing
  • Technology

Professional Development Pathways: Please choose only one professional development pathway that best fits the library leadership role that attendees of your session will be empowered to assume.

  • Data-driven leaders
  • Public library advocates oriented toward community needs
  • Stewards of the public library and its values
  • Networked innovators

In-Person vs. Virtual: Would you prefer to present this session virtually or in person at the PLA 2022 Conference?

  • I prefer to present this session in person at PLA 2022 in Portland
  • I prefer to present this session virtually during PLA 2022
  • I am open to presenting this session either virtually or in person at PLA 2022

Notes/Comments: Please enter any additional comments here

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