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Room Assignments

Room assignments for all PLA 2018 sessions can be found on each individual program page. Visit to search or browse for your session. A chart containing room capacities (estimated maximum attendance) and room setup details for all PLA 2018 sessions is available at (PDF, 1 pg.).

Room Setup

Preconference rooms will be set in round tables. Program rooms will be set theater style (rows of chairs facing forward). A small number of program rooms will be set in a mix of round tables and theater seating to facilitate highly interactive content. Organizers of programs assigned to rooms with round tables have been notified and contacted; unless you received communication about this from PLA, your program room will be set in theater style.


PLA encourages distributing handouts electronically. Program speakers and organizers may upload files for slides or other handouts via the Speaker Service Center at Once uploaded, handouts are linked to your program session listing in the online schedule found at In order to have your handouts available before the PLA 2018 Conference, please upload them no later than 11:59 PM Pacific on Thursday, March 15. After the conference, the final deadline to upload handouts will be 11:59 PM Pacific on Sunday, April 22.

If you wish to provide paper handouts, please use the numbers included in the Rooms and Capacities chart at (PDF, 1 pg.) as a guide for how many copies you will need. Posting handouts on the conference website is preferable to paper copies in general and to providing an insufficient number of copies if you are bringing your own.

Audiovisual Equipment

Unless otherwise requested, all rooms are set with the standard AV setup: LCD projector and screen, head table for four with table microphone, center podium with fixed microphone, and floor microphone(s) appropriate to expected audience size. If additional AV was ordered, it will be provided in addition to the standard setup.

Please note that laptops are not included in standard AV setup; if you did not request a laptop, you must bring your own. Projectors will all be standard VGA and there will be a VGA cable at the podium/head table to plug in a laptop. Presenters with Mac laptops (or any laptops with mini-displayport, Thunderbolt and/or USB-C ports) should bring VGA adapters with them. Presenters who have only HDMI and/or regular Displayport outputs are encouraged to use a different device for their presentation.


PLA will not provide opening slides for PLA 2018 programs. Please plan to have the first slide of your presentation up on the screen as attendees enter the room, and please include the name of your program on this opening slide. For guidance on making your presentation accessible to all, please see Finally, please see (PDF, 1 pg.) for additional suggestions on important information to include in your opening and closing remarks, along with moderating tips for your program session.

Note Cards

PLA will provide plain white 3 x 5 note cards in each program room that speakers may encourage attendees to use for several purposes: to write down their thoughts in response to questions, to write down their own questions (either for asking at a microphone or to submit to presenters), to do a think-pair-share type of exercise, or just for general note taking. Allowing for written questions enhances the accessibility of a session and accommodates diverse learning styles.

Social Media

PLA encourages you to spread the word about your PLA 2018 Conference session using the official conference hashtag #PLA2018 and the web badges available at

For questions about…

Cancellation Policy

The PLA 2018 Conference is offered on a cost-recovery basis. PLA reserves the right to cancel all or any part of this event if there is insufficient registration or for other reasons. Neither ALA nor PLA is responsible for cancellation charges assessed by the airlines or travel agencies, or other losses incurred due to the cancellation of the workshops. All information listed on this website is subject to change.

Attendee Cancellation Policy

Written cancellations, requests for refunds, and/or changes will be accepted until February 23, 2018, and are subject to a $30 handling fee. Refunds will be processed after April 23, 2018. According to PLA policy, all meal events require preregistration. The above cancellation/change information also applies to all preconferences, meal events, and tours. No meal tickets will be sold onsite.

Exhibitor Cancellation Policy

All booth space cancellation requests must be received in writing by Show Management (Corcoran Expositions). If space is reduced, the net reduction of space will be treated as a cancellation of that space. If Show Management receives a written request for cancellation of space on or before October 31, 2017, the exhibitor will be eligible for a refund less the nonrefundable deposit of $950 per 100 square feet of exhibit space. For cancellations received after October 31, 2017, exhibitors are liable for 100% of the cost of space.


Print and electronic advertising opportunities are available to reach PLA members and attendees both before and during the conference.


Interested in exhibiting at PLA 2018? Contact Carly DiVito, Corcoran Expositions, at 312-541-0567 or


Contact Macey Morales, Deputy Director, ALA Public Awareness Office, 312-280-4393 or Please review our conference media policy.


ALA and PLA membership is managed by the ALA Membership & Customer Service (MACS) unit. You can join or renew/rejoin/add to your membership using ALA’s secure online form; or you can print and fill out a membership form and fax or mail it in; or call 800-545-2433 and press 5. Direct your membership questions to MACS at or 800-545-2433 and press 5. MACS representatives are available Monday–Friday, 8:30 AM–4:30 PM Central.

Registration & Housing

Problems or questions regarding registration or housing? Contact Experient at or 800-424-5249 (U.S. and Canada)/847-996-5829 (all other countries). Experient representatives are available Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM–6:00 PM Eastern.


To discuss PLA 2018 sponsorship opportunities, contact Corcoran Expositions, Mary Michalik at 312-265-9650,; or Matt McLaughlin at 312-265-9655,

Thank You PLA 2018 Conference Sponsors!

Other Questions

Many commonly asked questions are answered in our FAQ. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact PLA at 800-545-2433 x5PLA (x5752) or Or the PLA Staff directory may help you find just the right person to ask.

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